How to Make; A Yarn Curtain!

Riannon Selcuk

I had some free time on my hands recently (I freelance so can often have a couple of weeks off work between contracts!)so decided I'd start hand making all decorations I take with me to fairs and festivals. I know, you'd have though I'd have done this sooner!

I always see those glittery curtains and thought 'Oooo I wonder if the same could be made with yarn?' Well, it can and its super simple and cheap to make! I used mine when IMK ran a workshop at Bust Craftacular and it made a lovely backdrop to snap pictures of people with their knotty makes!

Heres my step by step guide of how to make your own;

You'll need-

  • masking tape
  • blue tack
  • dk (double knit) yarn in various colours, or any other type of lightweight yarn/ string/ cord etc
  • scissors
  • vertical surface that you can stick too

    Step 1

    I used the flat edge of my bookshelf, but you can use any surface that you don't mind sticking blue tack too. Cut a long length of masking tape and use the blue tack to stick it to the surface, so the sticky side of the tape is facing you.

    You'll need to use a lot of blue tack because it will get heavy once you start applying the yarn.


    Step 2

    Now you're ready to add the yarn! Start cutting long lengths of the dk yarn. I cut three metre lengths, but you can change that to suit the length you want it to be, and stuck the strands to the tape- so easy!

    I cut 6 different yarns together so that I had a variety of colours to stick to the tape which helped with the randomness.

    Keep going till you've filled the entire length of masking tape. This took me a good few hours!

    Step 3

    Cut the same length of masking tape again and stick it over the tape that is holding all the yarn. The yarn should now be sandwiched between the two lengths of masking tape.

    I then gently peeled the curtain off the vertical surface, removing the blue tack, adding masking tape to the top of the band, folding it over to make the top trim stronger.

    Trim the ends to the length you want, and you're done!

    I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions etc then let me know here.

    There are loads of other ways you can make it. I used masking tape because generally when I'm at fairs and festivals decorations have to be lightweight because you're usually only allowed to use blue tack to attach things to walls etc! But you could use a dowling rod and add the yarn as tassels.

    Share your pictures with me on instagramfacebook and twiiter using #imakeknots. Enjoy!