Oslo Strikkefestival 2016 - two days, three workshops + lots of knots!

EventsRiannon Selcuk

Back in November, I ran three workshops at the Oslo Strikkefestival; knotty necklaces, extreme knitted clutch bags and tunisian crochet lampshade covers. I was pretty excited to be there, well actually really excited! I've always wanted to visit Oslo, not just for the magical mystical fjords, but also because I am so jealous of the intricate, beautiful Nordic knits I see all over Instagram- one day I'll put down my gigantic tools and actually give it a go when I get the time.

What's the fair like? Should you visit?

Yes, you definitely should visit! Set in the city's main library, the fair consists of workshops; from how to dye your yarn to those techniques you want to master, a marketplace filled with independent yarn brands, authors and illustrators, talks, social areas to engage with other knitters, evening burlesque shows, movies- the list is endless. 

It definitely is as described on the website by founders Katie Zissou + Tone Sjastad; "Norway's only community-driven, international fiber festival. The goal of Oslo Knitting Festival is simple. We aim to promote fibre crafts the way we know them to be: modern, relevant, accessible and always surprising." 

Now for the workshops...

All workshops at the fair happen on the same days. The choice is vast- from memory, don't quote me!, at least 5-8 run at the same time (this just goes to show you the scale and variety the fair has to offer). 

First up, was knotty necklaces which took place late Friday afternoon in the basement of the library. Using a variety of fabric yarns, we knitted, crocheted and finger knitted statement necklaces. There were 9 patterns to choose from, all varying in level of knots, colour combinations and size of statement, if you're like me, the bigger the statement the better!

I ran two workshops on the second day of the festival; knitted clutch bags in the morning and Tunisian crochet lampshades covers in the afternoon. I couldn't come to Oslo and not bring the big stuff! 

I will definitely be running the Tunisian crochet lampshade cover workshop here in London. It was good to test the kit in Oslo and see what the makers thought of it. All positive so watch this space!

Apart from all the knots, we had time to do a tiny bit of sightseeing! I would definitely love to go back next year- the vibe was great, I met lots of inspiring people and had lots of fun during the workshops meeting everyone and generally just chatting knitting.