Where do I buy my yarn?

Riannon Selcuk

I'm surprised I've not typed a post about this sooner- its the number one question I'm asked at workshops and on social media! 

I love all yarn, a true statement especially if you saw my personal hoard. Its taken me time to source yarns for the workshops which are cost effective and have a variety and quality I can rely on. Every yarn is different, and the industry now has more choice than it did when I first started IMK.

So, here are my go to brands which you'll find at my workshops. Enjoy!

Woolly Mahoosive

WM stock 19.5 micron merino wool in a variety of colours- the yarn is soft and fluffy like clouds and wears well, an acrylic mix yarn in two weights; Mammoth which is thick like the merino + wiggly which is half the weight, a felted to the core merino in 5mm + 10mm thickness (perfect for baskets, rugs, anything which will see a lot of wear) and luscious; a Peruvian Highland Alpaca yarn which is the thinnest yarn and their newest.

Along with the yarns, you can also purchase 20-50mm knitting needles, 20mm-50mm crochet hooks and soon to launch DIY kits.

The brands owner Andrea is also incredibly personable and knowledgeable- if you get stuck or need tips- she's the one to ask!

Tek Tek

There are loads of fabric yarn brands out there, but I have to say Tek Tek have the most varied collection of colours and patterns I've ever seen. The consistency is also good- fabric yarns tend to go from fat to thin but I've never had this with Tek Tek.

There are two sizes to choose from; big or small, and the yarn comes in spools. 

They also sell crochet hooks, knitting needles, diy kits and accessories such as bag handles, clasps and buttons.



If you're in to Macrame or love making homeware- then Bobbiny is the brand for you! They sell a cord yarn which is like a thick shoe lace (think french knitting i-cord). You'll find it at any of the crochet basket workshops I run because its perfect for anything that needs a bit more structure.

Bobbiny also sell fabric yarn- check out their rainbow range if you like graduated yarns, and crochet hooks, knitting needles, findings and fillings.