That time I knitted jumpers for Sausage dog pageant winners!

EventsRiannon Selcuk

The other day I was clearing out my hard drive- I keep way too many photos, most of them taken very badly! Kind of like my yarn stash-l just can't seem to throw anything away! Anyway, I came across the below photos from probably the best event I've ever been too!

Last January I was asked to knit jumpers which were going to be given out as prizes at a sausage dog pageant to launch the new hot dog menu at Patterns in Brighton. A. DREAM. COME. TRUE! My mum has a sausage dog- he's a tubby miniature who practically eats everything but is adorable and gives the best cuddles. How could I say no when these little woofs are so close to my heart.

So I knitted 10 jumpers and 10 neckerchiefs over Christmas. I bought this pattern from loveknitting.com and adapted the jumper to suit my chunky yarn from Patons and 9mm circular knitting needles. 

I met all types of sausage dogs from all walks of life, especially little Bertie who came dressed as a waiter (pictured in his winning yellow jumper) who is a rescued woof and has the sweetest owner. 

Categories included; 'Best Bitch' 'Most Dapper Dachshund' + 'Best Fancy Dress'

I'm keeping my fingers crossed they run another one!