Meet our Founder Riannon who heads up our UK HQ!

I launched IMK in May 2014 with a view to create inviting and fun workshop environments for those wanting to learn or build their existing skills and confidence with my favourite (and most fabulous!) crafts; knitting and crocheting.

Thats why I use giant tools and yarns to create unique makes for the workshops. I make sure that every item is achievable regardless of skill level, and by doing so you will go through every step and clearly see what you are making. Plus the size of everything is pretty fun and we make sure to have a right old giggle too!

Keep those eyes peeled for new makes and DIY kits coming soon...

Lots of knotty love X


Meet Sarah who heads up our Northern Ireland and Ireland HQ!

I'm, originally from Co. Tipperary Ireland and recently moved to Dublin after living in London for seven years where I moved too after college with work. It was in London where I became a "knotting" super fan and a I Make Knots instructor.

I started knitting, like most people, when I was younger in school but didn't keep it up as it was not seen as the cool thing to be doing then. It was a few years ago my Mother started to attend a local knitting and crochet group and my interest got sparked again and I started crocheting and knitting and got totally hooked (hooked, get it!).

When knitting and crocheting it is totally "me time", I find it so relaxing and it helps me to clear my head of the days worries and stresses, as well as getting the chance to make cool stuff for myself and friends and family. I want to share the value and benefits of knitting and crochet with others. Just imagine, in a couple of hours using giant tools and yarn you can have a finished item to show off to everyone and proudly say "I made that!"...amazing right! 

Email Sarah here; failte@imakeknots.com to find out more.